General Procedures
  • Students should be dropped off and picked up at the studio at their proper class time. Additional parking is available behind the building if needed.

  • Please be very careful in the parking lots when entering and exiting.

  • All students should enter and exit through the front doors of the studio - not the side door.

  • If a parent has not arrived at the closing of class and the student is 6 years old and under, they will be placed in their dance room by the mirror until a parent arrives. The parent will need to come into the studio to retrieve the student.

  • Classes finish for the day at 9:30 p.m. The teachers leave promptly after classes are finished. Students are not allowed to wait outside for rides; they need to remain in the studio. The staff and teachers are not responsible for watching, observing, or monitoring students left waiting at the studio. Please make sure that you pick up your student on time. Their safety is important to us.​



Students need to attend all classes unless there is an illness or family emergency, as absences affect the class progress as a whole. Weekly reinforcement of dance technique is imperative to keep the student advancing with the remainder of the class. Poor attendance hampers the student's dance education. Parents and students are responsible for contacting the studio office to find out any information they may have missed during an absence. Make-up lessons can be taken within the paid calendar month in a comparable level class, with office approval. No make-up lessons are given after January as performance preparations are in process and choreography will differ class to class. Please let the teacher know if you are unable to attend class by e-mail or calling the studio.

Waiting Room Reminders
  • There is a waiting room in the studio; however, please realize we have a limited amount of space. If small children need to accompany you, please keep them quiet. The noise from the waiting room carries over into the studios.

  • Please do not look through the inside or outside windows while a class is in progress; you can watch during designated watch weeks.

  • To avoid congestion in the hallways during class change times, parents are not allowed past the glass doors.

  • Remember to be courteous with your cell phones while in the lobby area.

  • We apologize for any inconvenience, but the wi-fi code is not available for general use.​

Studio Closing Due to Bad Weather

In the event of bad weather, we ask that you call the studio or check the Web site. A message will be on the answering machine and home page of our Web site for your convenience. We do not always follow the Rockwood/Parkway school closings; please call or check the Web site prior to coming to class if weather is inclement. Each class is allowed one snow day without a make-up class. If more than one snow day occurs, a make-up class or alternate class time will be given for a make-up. Classes will not be pro-rated.

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